Experience Highlights

Gamification Manager

Working with an exciting group of experts building a gamification expertise at Accenture Digital Interactive 

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Head of Art/UI

Heading the central art department with focus on optimization, automation and outsourcing with up to 60+ artists

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Studio Lead UI

Leading UI across all products and multiple studios with focus on hiring, optimization and user experience with over 10+ artists

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Recent Samples

Various UI/Bigpoint GmbH

Various interface mockups created during last years

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Hocus Puzzle/Bigpoint GmbH

Art Direction of 3D marketing assets for a highly anticipated mobile match 3 game

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Sample Main Image

Payment UI/Bigpoint GmbH

UI/UX Redesign and optimization of the complete payment interface and user flow

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The reaction just proves the point - good one t.co/vsK6u0kkvr


Fantastic comments :D "PC Company Accused Of Stealing Cosplay Image For Ad" - #clientsarefunny #ad #Copyright t.co/6KystgNe6u

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